Card payments in Latin America

Enable your Latin American business to receive credit and debit card payments easily and securely. Find out how Rebill can help you expand your reach and improve your customers' payment experience.

Drive the growth of your digital business in emerging markets

At Rebill, we offer card processing solutions designed specifically for the dynamic markets of Latin America. Our platform provides you with a robust infrastructure, high-level security and a seamless user experience, helping you maximize your revenue and expand your business.

Why choose Rebill?

High approval rates

With Rebill, improve your approval rates and reduce the number of chargebacks. Our advanced tools, such as network tokenization and pre-authorization, ensure that your transactions are more secure and efficient.

Integral security

Security is our top priority. We use advanced encryption and risk management methods to protect every transaction. Our platform is PCI compliant, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

Adaptation to local needs

Our solution adapts to the specific requirements of each country in Latin America, allowing both local and international fund settlements. We offer installment payment options, improving accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Smooth regulatory compliance

Navigating local regulations can be complex. At Rebill, we take care to ensure that your business complies with all local laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Exceptional user experience

We offer a frictionless payment experience with optimized retry logic and denied transaction management. Your customers will enjoy a fast and easy payment process.

Key functionalities of our platform

Card tokenization

Protect your customers' payment information.

Flexible reimbursements

Manage refunds easily with just 1 click.

Support for recurring payments

Facilitates subscription and recurring payments.

Benefits of offering installment payments

Higher order value

Allowing installment payments not only improves accessibility for your customers, but also increases the average order value, boosting your revenue.

Market expansion

By offering financing options, you can attract a wider audience that prefers or needs to pay in installments, thus expanding your potential market.

Our country coverage

Credit cards available


Debit cards available


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