Payment and subscription solutions in Brazil

Discover the best payment and subscription solutions for digital businesses in Brazil. Learn how to optimize your transactions and expand your business with Rebill.

Brazil, the engine of digital commerce in Latin America

Brazil stands out as the largest e-commerce market in Latin America with US$275 billion and a forecast annual growth of 20% through 2025. This expansion is driven by the increasing adoption of digital payment methods and a higher internet penetration that reaches 96% of the adult population, one of the highest in Latin America.

Key data on the Brazilian market

US$275 thousand dollars of e-commerce volume: Brazilian digital commerce reached US$275 thousand dollars, with an annual growth of 27%.
+18% compound annual growth rate: Brazilian digital commerce will continue to boom until 2026.
90% digital penetration: By 2023, digital commerce penetration in Brazil will reach 90%.
+74% PIX growth: PIX was the fastest growing payment method in Brazil in 2023.
70% in mobile purchases: The majority of online purchases in Brazil are made through mobile devices.

Local payment solutions

Rebill allows you to accept payments in Brazil with preferred local payment methods and international funds settlement.


We offer a wide range of payment methods including domestic credit cards, PIX, boleto bancario and more, optimizing approval and reducing chargebacks.


Make fast payments to suppliers and partners in Brazilian Reais (BRL) with a high success rate.

Recurring payments

Create and manage subscriptions with national credit cards, PIX, and boleto bancario. Recover 60% of rejected payments due to insufficient funds on subscriptions with our automatic retry engine.

Distribution of e-commerce payment methods in Brazil

According to PCMI's E-Commerce Data Library, the main payment methods for e-commerce in Brazil, by volume share, are:

National credit card: 40%.

PIX: 29

Boleto Bancario / Cash Coupons: 10%.

International credit card: 9%.

Digital wallet: 8%.

Debit card: 1%.

BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later): 1%.

Benefits of using Rebill in Brazil

Easy integration

A single point of integration for all your collection needs.

Cash flow optimization

Manage sales with multiple payment methods with ease.

Immediate support

First response time in only 2.5 minutes.

Start to grow in Brazil with Rebill

Take advantage of the huge potential of the Brazilian market with local payment solutions that adapt to your current and future needs. With no need for a local entity in Brazil, Rebill facilitates efficient and secure payment processing.