Discover how PSE is transforming payments in Colombia. Learn about its benefits and how to implement it in your business with Rebill.

What is PSE?

PSE (Pagos Seguros en Línea) is a payment method developed by ACH Colombia that allows users to make online payments securely and quickly. This system facilitates the transfer of funds directly from the user's bank account to the merchant's account, without the need for credit cards. PSE is widely used in Colombia and has become a preferred option for online payments due to its security and efficiency.

Benefits of using PSE

Safety and confidence

PSE is known for its high security, as transactions are made directly through the banking portals, reducing the risk of fraud. This method ensures that users' personal and financial data is protected.

Broad adoption

PSE is accepted by most banks and financial institutions in Colombia, facilitating its adoption by both consumers and merchants. It processes more than US$10 million in monthly payments, equivalent to US$120 million annually, for individuals and more than 21,000 companies.

Ease and convenience

Users can make payments directly from their bank accounts, without the need to register credit cards. This simplifies the payment process and offers greater convenience for those who prefer not to use cards.

Instant confirmation

PSE offers instant payment confirmation, enabling merchants to process orders and services quickly and efficiently, enhancing the customer experience.

PSE: The secure payment method in Colombia

Created to offer a secure and efficient payment solution, PSE has become an essential component of the online payment ecosystem in Colombia. Its ease of use and the confidence it provides to users have established it as a preferred option for a wide range of transactions, from online purchases to service payments.

Transaction volume in digital commerce

Driving e-commerce By 2023, PSE handled 32% of e-commerce transactions in Colombia, totaling US$13.53 billion. By choosing PSE, companies can access a vast market of consumers who prefer secure bank-to-bank payments.

✅ Improving cash flow

Businesses benefit from PSE's real-time transactions, which improve cash flow management by providing immediate access to funds. This advantage helps companies reinvest quickly and pay down debts faster.

✅ Reduction of chargeback risks.

PSE transactions are final and cannot be reversed automatically, eliminating the risk of chargebacks common to credit card transactions. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses, ensuring that they receive and retain their payments securely.

How does PSE work?


The customer selects PSE as payment method at checkout.


The customer is redirected to their bank's portal for secure login.


The customer authorizes payment from his bank account.


The transaction is completed and the merchant receives an instant confirmation of payment.

Key features of PSE

24/7 availability

Make payments at any time, improving operational flexibility.

Real-time transactions

Transactions through PSE are processed in real time, ensuring fast confirmation and allowing merchants to manage their orders efficiently.

Mobile compatibility

Make payments conveniently from smartphones and tablets.

Ease of use

No separate registration is required; authenticate with your banking credentials.

Widespread accessibility

Supported by almost all major banks in Colombia.

Improved security

Leverages the security mechanisms of participating banks to protect financial information.

No risk of chargebacks

PSE transactions are final, meaning that once money is transferred, it cannot be automatically reversed. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses, as it eliminates the risk of chargebacks, common in credit card transactions.

The future of PSE

Future Innovations: TransfiyaThe introduction of Transfiya by ACH Colombia marks an evolution in the PSE system, enabling instant person-to-person (P2P) payments using only a cell phone number. This innovation simplifies everyday transactions, promotes financial inclusion and improves accessibility. With Transfiya processing 8 million transactions per month, the future of digital payments in Colombia looks promising.