Local bank transfers for businesses

Offer your customers a safe and efficient way to make payments with local bank transfers in Latin America. Find out how Rebill can help you improve transactions and grow your business.

Simplify and optimize your bank transfer payments in Latin America

At Rebill, we offer a complete solution for wire transfer payments tailored to the needs of Latin America. Our platform guarantees speed, security and regulatory compliance, helping you expand your business and improve the customer experience.

Why choose Rebill?

Speed and efficiency in transfers

With Rebill, you make bank transfer payments quickly and efficiently, ensuring that funds reach their recipients without delay. Our optimized infrastructure ensures reduced processing times and increased customer satisfaction.

High-level security

Protect every bank transfer payment with our advanced security measures. We use data encryption and risk management to ensure that every transaction is secure and reliable, meeting the highest security standards.

Adaptation to local needs

Our solution is designed to adapt to the specific regulations and requirements of each country in Latin America. We offer both local and international fund settlements, facilitating cross-border operations.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

We take care of navigating complex local regulations for you. At Rebill, we ensure that all your transfers comply with the laws and regulations of each country, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Flawless user experience

We provide a frictionless user experience, with simplified processes and an intuitive interface. Your customers will enjoy a quick and easy bank transfer payment experience, improving their loyalty and satisfaction.

Key functionalities of our platform

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed about the status of their transfers.

Multi-currency support

Facilitate transfers in different currencies, adapting to the needs of your customers.

Automatic reconciliation

Simplify the management of your finances with automated reconciliation processes.

Benefits of using bank transfer payments

Increased reliability and security

Bank transfers are one of the safest and most reliable methods of sending and receiving funds, providing peace of mind for both traders and customers.

Reduced costs

By using bank transfers, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with other payment methods, increasing your profit margin.

Access to new markets

It facilitates cross-border transactions and accesses a wider market by offering fast and secure bank transfers.

Our coverage of bank transfers by country


Integration with Transfers 3.0 and interoperable QR for transfers with any Argentinean bank such as:


Integration with PIX for transfers with any local bank such as: 


Integration with SPEI for transfers with any local bank such as: 


Integration with PSE for transfers with any local bank such as:


Integration with Khipu for transfers with any local bank such as:


Integration with Pago Efectivo for transfers with any local bank such as:


Integration with the main local banks for transfers such as:

Start today with Rebill

Find out how Rebill can transform the way you make bank transfers in Latin America. Our secure, fast, and locally compliant platform will help you maximize your operations and improve your customer experience. Contact us now and take your business to the next level!