Payment solutions and subscriptions for
e-commerce platforms

Transform your e-commerce platform in Latin America with Rebill. Increase payment acceptance, offer a diversity of methods, manage installment payments and automate your transactions with easy integration.

Improve your e-commerce platform with payments and subscriptions adapted for Latin America

In the Latin American e-commerce sector, it is essential to have payment solutions that adapt to local preferences and simplify transaction management. Rebill offers a complete platform to manage payments and commissions, optimizing transactions and improving the customer experience.

Benefits of using Rebill

Increase in payment acceptance rate

Thanks to our integration with multiple local payment methods and the ability to handle payments in multiple currencies, Rebill can increase the payment acceptance rate in the region by up to 20%. This ensures that your transactions are smoother and more efficient.

Diversity of payment methods

Rebill supports a wide range of local payment methods, such as PIX, Boleto, OXXO, SPEI, PSE, Nequi, Mercado Pago, Pago Fácil, Yape and many more. In addition, our platform makes it easy to manage subscriptions with alternative payment methods such as bank transfers, cash and digital wallets.

Payments in installments or monthly installments

Our platform supports installment payments with local cards, allowing your customers to make monthly payments. This is especially useful in a market where installment payments are a common practice, facilitating the accessibility of your products.

One-time and per-transaction payments

Rebill allows you to charge for individual transactions or complete services, offering flexibility for both sellers and buyers. Thus, you can tailor your services to the specific needs of your customers.

Automation and efficiency

With Rebill, you can automate payment management, reducing the administrative burden and minimizing errors. Our platform offers tools to monitor and analyze transactions, facilitating informed decision making and improving operational efficiency.

Security and compliance

Rebill meets the highest security standards, ensuring that all transactions are conducted securely and in compliance with local regulations. This includes the handling of sensitive data and fraud protection.

E-commerce success stories


USound uses Rebill to receive payments from customers with cards and alternative payment methods such as PIX and Boleto in Brazil, bank transfers in Chile, and PSE, Nequi and Efecty in Colombia. This efficient and secure revenue management allows USound to improve its service of customized hearing products.

Culto Café

Culto Café uses Rebill to charge credit and debit card subscriptions in Uruguay for its premium coffee products, facilitating access to its exclusive products.

Solutions for various e-commerce business models

Freemium, trials and promotions

Offer free access to basic products or trial periods to attract customers, with subsequent charges for advanced products or additional functionality. This model is ideal for stores looking to attract new customers through free introductory offers.

Fixed rate

Implement automatic monthly or annual charges for access to exclusive products or memberships, ensuring recurring and predictable revenues. This model is effective for ongoing and long-term services.

Usage-based plans

It offers flexible charging based on service usage, such as volume of purchases, products purchased or active users. This approach is useful for stores that want to provide flexibility in their payment plans.

Customized collection cycles

Configure charges according to customer needs, adjusting rates based on specific product usage. Ideal for stores that align their offerings with the needs and usage patterns of their customers.

How to integrate Rebill's payment solutions into your e-commerce platform

Integrating Rebill's payment solutions into your business is simple and efficient. Our platform adapts to the specific needs of each market in Latin America, offering a wide range of payment methods and ongoing support to ensure the proper functioning of your payment system. Here's how:

Seamless integration

Rebill's platform integrates easily with your existing systems, minimizing implementation time and avoiding disruptions to your operations.

Customization according to your needs

Configure and customize payment methods according to your customers' preferences and your business needs. We offer a wide variety of local and alternative payment options that fit different e-commerce business models.

Ongoing support and assistance

Our support team is available to assist you every step of the way, from initial integration to resolving any issues that may arise, ensuring that your payment system runs smoothly.

Detailed transaction monitoring and analysis

Rebill provides advanced tools to monitor and analyze all transactions made through the platform. This allows you to make informed decisions and continuously optimize your payment strategy.

By integrating Rebill's payment solutions, you will not only improve the efficiency of your operations, but also offer a superior payment experience to your customers, contributing to the growth and success of your e-commerce platform.