Connect your business with PIX, the fastest growing real-time payment method in the world. It offers secure and instant transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reducing costs, improving cash flow and expanding your customer base in Brazil.

What is PIX?

PIX is an instant payment system launched by the Central Bank of Brazil in November 2020. It allows users to make and receive payments in real time, 24 hours a day, using various identifiers such as CPF, cell phone number, email or a PIX key. PIX is secure, cost-effective and universally accessible in all banking institutions in Brazil.

Key features of PIX

Real-time payments

PIX is used by 150 million Brazilians who could become your potential customers. In addition to being real-time and available 24/7, it allows businesses to eliminate intermediaries, which translates into lower transaction fees.

Multiple payment methods

Use QR codes, phone numbers or email addresses for hassle-free payments.

High security

End-to-end encryption ensures secure transactions.


Supports transfers, bill payments, taxes and purchases.

PIX in digital commerce purchases


Select PIX at checkout.


Scan the QR code or copy the number provided.


Open your banking app, select PIX and complete the transaction.


Funds are transferred in less than 10 seconds and the purchase is confirmed.

PIX in numbers

140 million users

More than 80% of Brazil's adult population.

4 billion transactions per month

With an average ticket of USD $88.

23% more payment volume

Compared to combined debit and credit payments.

16% of e-commerce volume

PIX has captured a significant share of the Latin American e-commerce market.

PIX's impact on

The integration of PIX into Brazilian e-commerce is complete, with 100% acceptance among the 59 largest online stores. This widespread adoption has generated significant benefits for both consumers and merchants, including:

✅ Instant funding times: improved cash flow and reduced shopping cart abandonment.

✅ Lower costs: Merchants offer 5-20% discounts for PIX payments due to lower processing fees.

✅ Improved conversion rates: Simplified payment processes lead to higher conversion rates.

Future improvements

PIX continues to evolve with new features aimed at increasing its versatility and convenience for users:

Automatic PIX: Simplification of recurring payments for subscriptions and services. This feature is now available with Rebill.

PIX credit: Allowing installment payments to serve a wider audience.

Cross-border PIX: Facilitating international payments with currency conversion. This feature is now available with Rebill.