Cash payments in Latin America

Offer your customers in Latin America the option to pay cash securely and efficiently. With Rebill, expand your reach and enhance the customer experience with payment solutions tailored to emerging markets.

Facilitates and optimizes cash payments in Latin America

At Rebill, we offer innovative solutions for managing cash payments, tailored to the needs of Latin America. Our platform ensures speed, security and regulatory compliance, helping you expand your business and improve the customer experience.

Why choose Rebill?

Ease and convenience for customers

With Rebill, your customers can make cash payments quickly and conveniently. Our network of payment points ensures that there are accessible options at multiple locations, making transactions easier for your customers.

Transaction security

We ensure that every cash transaction is secure and reliable. We use advanced technology to verify and process each payment, protecting both merchants and customers against fraud and errors.

Adaptation to local needs

Our solution is designed to adapt to the specific payment preferences and habits of each country in Latin America. We offer a wide network of payment points, allowing your customers to make cash payments at convenient and secure locations.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Navigating local regulations can be complex. At Rebill, we ensure that all cash transactions comply with each country's laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Flawless user experience

We offer a frictionless user experience, with simplified processes and an intuitive interface. Your customers will enjoy a fast and easy cash payment experience, improving their loyalty and satisfaction.

Key functionalities of our platform

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed about the status of their payments.

Intuitive interface

Offer your customers an easy-to-use platform to make cash payments.

Automatic reconciliation

Simplify the management of your finances with automated reconciliation processes.

Benefits of offering cash payments

Greater financial inclusion

Cash payments allow more people to access your products and services, especially those without access to bank accounts or credit cards.

Increase in sales

Offering a cash payment option can increase your sales by allowing more customers to make purchases, regardless of their financial situation.

Fraud reduction

Cash transactions reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraud associated with other payment methods, improving your financial security.

Our cash payment coverage by country


Pago Fácil with more than 6,500 locations nationwide


Boleto Bancario with more than 40,000 physical locations nationwide.


With more than 27,000 locations nationwide.


With more than 44,800 locations nationwide.


With more than 7,500 locations nationwide.


With more than 75,000 locations nationwide.

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