One-click checkout in Latin America

Implement one-click checkout with Rebill and transform the shopping experience in your e-commerce. Speed up your transactions and improve conversion rates with our solution that simplifies payments and builds customer loyalty. Find out how we can help you.

What are one-click payments?

One-click payments allow customers to transact instantly by saving their payment information. This eliminates the need to enter card details for each purchase, making the process faster and more convenient.

Key features of one-click payments

Fast and efficient payment

Customers can complete their purchases with just one click, speeding up the checkout process and reducing cart abandonment.

High-level security

We use end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure the security of each transaction, protecting your customers' information.

Optimized user experience

By eliminating friction at checkout, one-click payments improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.

How it works

Customer experience with one-click payments


Save payment information

Customers may choose to save their payment information at checkout.


Identity verification

When customers use one-click payments on a new site or device, they will receive a verification code by mail to secure their identity.


Fast payment

One-Click Payments automatically populates stored payment details when customers enter their email address, allowing them to pay quickly on any supported site.

Benefits of Rebill integration

Increases recurring purchases

Offering a simplified and efficient checkout process can significantly improve customer satisfaction. One study found that customers are 27% more likely to return for another purchase after their initial experience. One-click payments make repeat purchases more attractive by simplifying the transaction process, incentivizing customers to return.

Minimizes cart abandonment

One-click payments increase conversion rates by 14% for companies with a large recurring customer base. A complicated checkout process is one of the leading causes of cart abandonment. By integrating a one-click payment system, you reduce the number of steps required to complete a purchase, making it easier and faster for customers to complete their transactions. This directly addresses the 21% of customers who abandon due to lengthy or complex checkout processes.

Promotes brand loyalty

Speed and convenience are essential to positive customer experiences, with 80% of consumers prioritizing these elements. One-click payments improve the checkout process, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Providing a secure and seamless payment option helps build trust and keeps customers coming back.

Leverage mobile commerce

With mobile wallets accounting for nearly half of global e-commerce payments by 2023, optimizing your site for mobile transactions is crucial. One-click payments cater to the growing number of mobile shoppers, improving convenience and increasing conversion rates. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly to take full advantage of this trend.

Various payment options

Credit and debit cards

One-Click Payments eliminates manual card entry by automatically filling in saved payment details. It even updates card information if the card has expired or been replaced.

Bank accounts (coming soon)

Customers can add and reuse their bank accounts to pay quickly using one-click payments.

Get started today with Rebill and one-click payments

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