Payment gateway in Latin America

Take advantage of the growth of e-commerce in Latin America with Rebill. We process transactions in 10 countries, enabling global companies to expand and increase their revenues in the region.

Simplify and optimize your payments in Latin America

Key features

First one-click payment in LATAM
Subscriptions with cards and alternative payment methods (PIX, Boleto, SPEI, OXXO, Nequi, PSE, Yape)
Customized payment and checkout links with your own domain name
Automatic reattempts to recover 60% of payments rejected for insufficient funds
100+ payment methods available
Unified reconciliation for all countries
Optimal refund and cancellation process
Sending automatic purchase receipt by e-mail to your customers
Integration with any software (CRM, ERP, electronic invoicing, etc.)
Customer support in 2.5 minutes via chat, WhatsApp and email

Integrated platform for less friction

The growth of e-commerce in Latin America presents a lucrative opportunity, but also unique challenges. With Rebill, you can manage the complexities of the payments landscape in the region, from differences in currencies and regulations to integration types and fraud management.

Reconciliation and unified payments

Simplify your financial process with a single platform that covers the entire region.

Access to major markets and payment methods

Processes payments with more than 100 local methods.

Comprehensive transaction management

From foreign exchange to fraud management and legal compliance.

Flexibility in payment options

International wire transfer payment processing

It sells to Latin American clients in their local currency and receives funds in dollars, without the need to establish a local entity.

Local transfer payment processing

Companies with a presence in Latin American countries can receive funds directly into their local accounts.

Combinable operating models

Choose and combine the solutions that best suit your business needs. Operate with or without local entities in each country, using international and/or local transfer models.

Advanced platform for startups and large companies

Our cloud-based platform offers high security, availability and scalability, ensuring the best API performance in the payments market. 24/7 monitoring tools allow us to respond quickly to any issues.


High availability

99.99% historical uptime for Rebill services.

BIN Report

Detailed information on card transactions throughout Latin America.

Integration with local acquirers

Payment processing with higher success rates.

Unified transactions

Unified funds transfer in all currencies and countries.

Smart Retries

Automatic retries for failed transactions, optimized by internal data.

Market intelligence

Access to more than 100 payment methods, optimizing approval rates and centralizing payment management throughout Latin America.

Extend your reach and keep your business secure

Local acquisition

Increases approval rates and reduces fraud by accepting domestic cards.

Local payment methods

Accepts payments preferred by Latin American consumers, including those without a bank account.

Data protection

PCI DSS 4.0 certification and compliance with data protection regulations GDPR and LGPD (Brazil).

Accelerate your Latin American launch with our API and SDK

Our API with updated documentation and SDKs facilitate integration and improve usability for developers and end users. Find out how Rebill can help you expand your business in Latin America. Contact us today and start processing payments efficiently and securely.